The Process

Undivided attention. You, our collections and Rivka.
A magical journey together to create the most beautiful you.

The Process - Wigs By Rivka

1. The Consult

The first step is to meet with Rivka who will focus on your needs, your lifestyle, as well as what you’d like to achieve in a wig – style and color – will inform as to what you are looking for. 

You will be taken through the process of choosing a precut/precolored wig or a custom piece, the base color of the wig, length, density as well as style. 

Rivka will be there to help you imagine a final product. With her experience, the perfect choice is definitely within reach.

2. Cut And Dye

Rivka does not cut or color her wigs. She has professional hair colorists and stylists who she recommends to her clients for this service. 

“My expertise lies in the manufacture of highly crafted wigs, which are natural, comfortable and beautiful, custom made for you. To enhance these, the cut and color must be executed by equal professionals. Team work like this results in your Wigs by Rivka being the very best.”

3. Style it and GLow!

After the cut and dye process it’s now time to style your wig and GLOW!

Wigs by Rivka will style your new hairpiece. You will love your wig that bounces as naturally as your step. 

We will be so happy to always welcome you, whether to fine tune your style or give you the great service that is synonymous with our name.