Coping with hair loss

Wigs by Rivka, Specializes in hairpieces for women with hair loss, whether through alopecia, cancer, COVID-19 or any other medical conditions.

Coping with Hairloss

3 Step Process

Creating custom real hair wigs is a simple 3-step process:

1. An initial discreet, one-on-one consultation. Here you will choose a base hairpiece which will be customized to suit you.

2. Once your wig is ready we will schedule an appointment to confirm fit and style. Any adjustments that need to be made will be taken care of promptly.

3. Instructions for simple care, storage, and maintenance will be provided 

Rivka is always available for additional support should there be a need.

Losing your hair is stressful & challenging.

Here are some strategies that can help you

-Think about cutting your hair short before you begin to lose your hair. Cutting your hair very short will help you prepare for hair loss and may make the experience less distressing.

-Do not shave your head. Shaving may cause irritation to the scalp.

-Once hair loss begins, consider covering your head with a hat, scarf, or wig. Covering your head will protect the sensitive skin on your scalp. Your head covering will also keep your head warm in cold weather.

-How you cope with your hair loss is personal. Choose what feels right for you, and makes you most comfortable.

If you decide that a human-hair wig is what you need,

Here are some pointers to keep in mind.

-Medical insurance may cover some or all of the costs of a wig. Your doctor can provide you with a prescription for a cranial prosthesis.

-If possible, make your wig appointment before you begin to lose your hair. This will help Wigs by Rivka create the best match. If you are already experiencing hair loss, a photo of yourself before this time will help us to create a look most closely resembling your natural color, style, and texture.

-You may want to bring along a family member or friend to provide support and provide a second opinion.

-There are no shortages of options when looking for wigs. Give yourself the time to adjust to your new look so that you will confidently wear your wig at work and at social events.